Wagyu Beef Jerky from American Raised Kobe-Style beef

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Wow. We just pulled our first production run of Wagyu – aka Kobe – Style jerky.  Wagyu beef is a specialized breed (actually a few breeds) that is predisposed to intense marbling.  Marbling is fat and fat is where the flavor is.   True Kobe beef is only available in Japan.  American Wagyu  (literally “Japanese Cow”) consists of registered Kobe breeds that are raised in the US.  Ours is from Tajima breeding stock exported from Japan and raised in Idaho. As we pulled it from the smokehouse, it was literally sizzling...

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Events coming soon

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We’ll be posting our upcoming events to this area soon.

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Delectable Dozen

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Gary West selected as one of the “Delectable Dozen” top 12 artisan food producers in the US for 2011.  Very nice. Media Center / Media Kit / Releases THE NIBBLE 2011 Artisan Food Awards The “Delectable Dozen”: Food Awards Honor Top 12 Artisan Producers For Quality & Innovation November 18, 2011, New York — A whopping $70.32 billion of specialty food was sold in 2010, the last year for which figures are available. The $55.92 billion purchased at...

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The Under Dog

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Today I received a phone call from a friend.  A wild turkey hen was in her yard with an injured leg.  My wife is the resident animal rescue clinic.  She has revived animals of all species.  She is quite talented.  We’ve had Hazel the deer, Mocha the cow, Rubscuttle the racoon, Mustard the Muskrat, Spike the runt, Angel the boar, and on and on.  Now, soon to be named wild turkey. The irony is that perhaps even the very morning of their salvation, we were enemies with the same animals.  Raccoons kill the chickens.  Muskrats destroy...

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Good Food Awards

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We are honored to see our elk jerky strips become a Good Food Awards finalist for 2011. Awards are given in 8 categories including Charcuterie. Good Food Awards focuses on quality food created by companies mindful of sustainability and social good.Good Food Awards Finalist Seal 2012 (3)

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